The new NEET Batch in Gurukul Classes going to start.

From the third week of June / First week of July 2023  and complete the syllabus by 10th February 2025.

Call @9140490366 for more details.
NEET Batch Gurukul classes


Direct admission based on Marks / Grades obtained in the School / Board Exam or through the Gurukul Talent Hunt Exam (GTHE)

FREQUENCY OF CLASSES: 6 days a week.


This course is divided into two years (sessions)

Year-1: Class XI (Session-1): It shall continue till 15th February 2024 to complete the syllabus of Class XI and then the students will be free for their Class XI final exam.

They shall then rejoin in the last week of March / first week of April 2024 to continue the syllabus of Class XII.

Year-2: Class XII (Session-2): Class XII syllabus will be completed by October 2024 Class XI revision will be done from November 2024 to 10th February 2025.

Top-ranking students will be given some extra Tests in December 2025. The selection of such students shall be at the sole discretion of the management.

Students will be thoroughly prepared for the School/Board Exam as well as Medical Entrance Exams


Test Series Course for preparation of NEET / AIIMS.

Micro assignments for preparation of NEET / AIIMS.

Trickopedia- A special book will be given to solve the problem in a short time using tricks for NEET / AIIMS aspirants.

Gurukul Challenger assignment- Prepared by our expert is given for the preparation of NEET / AIIMS aspirants.

Model Papers, Home Assignments, and Online Test Series for aspirants.