Gurukul Medical Courses

Two Year Integrated Course for NEET / AIIMS



6 days a week.

The third week of March / Second week of April / May 2018 – 15th February 2020
  • Direct admission on the basis of Marks / Grades obtained in the School / Board Exam or through Gurukul Talent Hunt Exam (GTHE)
    This course is divided into two years (sessions)

  • Year-1: Class XI (Session-1): It shall continue till 15th February 2019 to complete the syllabus of Class XI and then the students will be free for their Class XI final exam.
  • They shall then rejoin in the last week of March / first week of April 2019 to continue the syllabus of Class XII.
  • Year-2: Class XII (Session-2): Class XII syllabus will be completed by October 2019 u0026amp; Class XI revision will be done from November 2019 to 15th February 2020.
  • Certain top ranking students will be given some extra Tests in December 2019. Selection of such students shall be at the sole discretion of the management.
  • Students will be thoroughly prepared for School/Board Exam as well as Medical Entrance Exams


  • Test Series Course for preparation of NEET / AIIMS.
  • Micro assignments for preparation of NEET / AIIMS.
  • Trickopedia- A special book will be given to solve the problem in a short time using tricks for NEET / AIIMS aspirants.
  • Gurukul Challenger assignment- Prepared by our expert is given for preparation of NEET / AIIMS aspirants.
  • Model Papers, Home Assignments u0026amp; Online Test Series for aspirants .