1. What Is eGurukulclasses.com?

It Is A Dedicated Site Of The Gurukul Classes, Allahabad.

2. How Your Educational Programme Is Unique u0026amp; Different?

It Touches The Real Nerve Of The Type Of Questions Asked In IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS u0026amp; Other National Competitions. Our Booklet Of Questions, With Highly Assorted Advanced Factual Synopsis, Provides The Real Touch u0026amp; Ignites The Passion To Get In The Right Mode u0026amp; Simulation For These Highly Competitive National Level Exams, Which Is Backed By Our Test-Series u0026amp; Focus The National.

3. Who Are Behind This Programme?

Our mentor and founder of the Gurukul Classes Mr Sanjay Singh is the key person behind the programme. He works a lot to simplify the courses for benefit of students.